Systems Innovation has partnered with 1 Hotel Nashville, the city’s first mission-driven and sustainable luxury hotel, for their newest venue, Harriet’s Rooftop Bar. 1 Hotel is a global leader in sustainable, high-quality accommodations that are centered around a world that is one. Each 1 Hotel location is inspired by the natural environment and local community.   

Located on the 19th floor, Harriet’s Rooftop Bar offers an exclusive view of Downtown Nashville and the Music City’s skyline. Its atmosphere is both lively and cozy, featuring light bites and craft cocktails made from seasonal, local ingredients. For this sophisticated venue, Systems Innovation provided integrated audio systems featuring turn-key system hardware, programming, commissioning, materials, and labor for the main lounge, bar, and patio exterior.   


The goal of Harriet’s Rooftop bar was to create an immersive and sophisticated atmosphere for all its patrons. Different zones for sound were desired for VIP rooms, the main lounge, the outdoor patio, and hallways and bathrooms.   

Opening in July of 2022 meant that installation of equipment needed to be complete by June, and the infrastructure needed to merge perfectly with the restaurant’s design. Brand consistency was important, as well as the environmental feel of the venue. 


1 Hotel reached out to Systems Innovation for installation help. After discussing structural advice, 1 Hotel Nashville was so pleased that SI was requested to design and install the infrastructure. SI did an acoustic modeling of the space to see how the space would sound. At the request of 1 Hotel Nashville, SI worked with DAS audio, a family-owned sound system manufacturing company out of Spain and used a PSS for control. The venue was able to have different sound zones with this technology, playing into the sophisticated main lounge, private VIP rooms, outdoor bar, and common areas.    

Systems Innovation custom painted audio speakers to match the existing environment. These speakers, and more subwoofers, were hung high behind the main bar and on the ceiling of each room to seamlessly blend party experiences or create different designated atmospheres. A movable DJ booth was built for Harriet’s, allowing physical space and environment changes. All aspects of the installation were supported by live, microphone, and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing flexibility for the DJ and Harriet’s rooftop Bar staff. 


Systems Innovation team’s cohesive work ethic allowed for consistently efficient project management. The Harriet’s Rooftop Bar project was carefully customized and tailored to the customer’s needs.   

When speaking with 1 Hotel Nashville on their partnership with SI, Account Executive Joel Wild and the team were praised for setting an example for what real partnership in success is. The SI team was expressed to be incredibly accessible and thorough; being able to explain highly complex AV systems in ways that others can understand. Regarding the overall system, it was designed with operating a Food & Beverage outlet in mind; making it easy to use, which is not something that happens frequently. 1 Hotel Nashville stated that from the time of starting the bid process to full installation, the Systems Innovation team was focused on ensuring they were set up for success.   

SI takes pride in working with niche and custom projects. With the merging of technology and design, Harriet’s Rooftop Bar will host experiences overlooking the Nashville city skyline that will emotionally impact guests for a lifetime.