By growing in each respective portfolio and acquiring significant amounts of multi-national clients, our companies can provide more localized support in both North America and Europe, allowing for better service and more value.

Media Powerhouse is a provider of innovative audio-visual solutions for live events and installed systems. Based in London, the events services company provides live event production and special project and systems integration solutions for multiple sectors. Specializing in video, audio, lighting, set and staging, rigging, and system integration, Media Powerhouse works perfectly alongside Systems Innovation with their shared Live Event DNA and exceptional field experience.

Systems Innovation has evolved from the world of live events and takes pride in being different from the typical AV integrator. According to Neil Morrison, President of Systems Innovation, “the scarcity of talent in our industry post Covid requires a creative approach to servicing current and future growth.” Creating innovative experiences for audiences and merging technology with design for experiential impact connects Systems Innovation and Media Powerhouse in the most influential of ways.

Systems Innovation has worked with Media Powerhouse for over 5 years, ensuring the same level of creativity and performance to be consistently delivered through North America and Europe. Our personal relationship with Media Powerhouse has extended beyond 5 years and our skill sets have evolved to be complimentary in nature, rather than competitive.

There is a natural synergy that builds trust and cohesion between our teams.

-Neil Morrison, President of Systems Innovation

Strategically speaking, this cohesive relationship between our company cultures allows for the delivery of forward-leaning and reliable solutions.

For our partner clients, we see immense opportunity to use our shared experiences between Systems Innovation and Media Powerhouse as a platform. While operating from shared facilities in both North America and Europe, we are determined that our buying power delivers even more value to our clients.