Darden partnered with Systems Innovation to create a stunning, eye-catching visual display that would enable their new Olive Garden location to stand out on the notorious Las Vegas Strip. Darden’s goal was to develop a state-of-the-art Olive Garden that would demand attention from those who passed by. They also wanted to create an atmosphere that would allow guests to revel at the rest of the strip as they dined. SI stepped in to partner with Darden to help their vision come to life with the use of transparent LED panels. These were intended to showcase visuals of their mouthwatering dining options, for guests to be able to see these displays on their windows, located across the street from the MGM.


The Systems Innovation team wasn’t allowed to attach the Transparent LED to the windows which posed a challenge during the construction phase of the display. They had to find a way to be able to use the Transparent LED panels without directly attaching them to the windows, while still achieving the goals set by Darden.


While brainstorming practical solutions for this issue, the SI team found that designing custom window frames and Lexan guards could fix this problem. Systems Innovation had to reach out to an outside provider that would develop the guards and window frames. A custom frame also needed to be crafted for the outside of the building, to hold the Transparent LED panels in place. This was a tough feat that required the team to physically scale the building to weld and bolt on the panels securely.


After 12 weeks of intense building, brainstorming and construction, Darden was able to display their brand-new Olive Garden location in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The transparent LED panels that Systems Innovation had created allowed their new Olive Garden location to catch the eye of all visitors residing or vacationing in Las Vegas! Vegas’ restaurant industry is extremely competitive and it is often difficult for new restaurants to get foot traffic if they don’t stand out amongst their competitors; Olive Garden will never have to worry about getting business now that they have this incredible LED display!