Gibson recently opened a state-of-the-art store in Nashville, TN. The facility not only features Gibson guitars on a carousel, but the space has technology embedded throughout the entire space to provide an elevated experience for customers, with the highlight of the space being a dynamic stage that has full lighting and audio packages.


The Gibson store was designed with customer experience in mind with one of the focal points being a guitar carousel. The immense size and location of the carousel proposed a challenge for Systems Innovation, as they had to configure all video, lighting and audio around the interactive moving system. A rarity to find, the Gibson team discovered 15 vintage CRT televisions and envisioned them being an ohmage to the past. The vintage video wall proposed challenges for the Systems Innovation team as there are no standard digital signage platforms that connect to the antiquated CRT systems. Not only was the Gibson building designed to be a store, but it was envisioned to also feature a functioning stage. The stage was intended to be mainly for intimate performances that could also transform into a broadcast level stage for external events.


To address the challenging location of the guitar carousel, the engineering team designed a lighting and audio system (how was it unaltered? More detail here). Since there are no standard digital signage platforms for CRT televisions, the Systems Innovation team created a custom program in-house to bring new life to the vintage pieces. This custom-built digital signage platform allowed the vintage televisions to cohesively play special video content. To create the dynamic stage, the Systems Innovation team installed a 16 by 9-foot SEDAR COB LED 2.5 mm wall powered by BrightSign. The stage is complete with a full lighting and audio package with QSC audio manufactured PA, distributed audio system, and a lighting stage wash powered by ETC Puck. The stage has built-in scalability for broadcast events with easy access to  Crestron control systems for staff members to easily change content, lighting and audio.


The new Gibson store has transformed the customer experience by designing a space that invites technology to effortlessly remember the past and look forward to the future of music.