Creating A Touch-Free Environment with Technology

The current world climate is ushering in a new era of touch-free technology, changing the way we interact with and experience our environment. Safety and health are more important than ever.
At Systems Innovation, we’ve been hard at work in our labs developing intuitive, easy-to-use touch-free solutions for any public place.

Air Touch: Use air touch technology to eliminate touchpoints and simulate a touchscreen interaction using hand-tracking optical sensors. Air touch technologies could be useful in classrooms and meeting spaces as a way to give presentations without touching monitors or a handheld device. With this non-touch technology, you can also create interactive exhibits without pressing any buttons or touching any screens.

Device Controlled: Take control using your personal smartphone or device using QR codes or URLS. Using your own device, you can control lights, temperature and more in classrooms, conference rooms and huddle rooms.

Gesture Based: Use gestures such as swiping or pinching to interact with the surrounding environment. This intuitive technology is beneficial in classrooms, offices, libraries, gymnasiums, lobbies and digital signage. With the use of this technology, users are able to participate in activities while not touching anything.

LiDAR: Track 3D motion using Light Detection and Ranging technology. LiDAR can be useful in classrooms, conference rooms, huddle spaces, lobbies and offices. LiDAR creates interactive exhibits without pressing any buttons or touching any screens.

Voice Control: Ask questions, get directions, control systems and more simply by talking. Voice control can improve wayfinding and help guests find answers to common questions. This technology can be beneficial in kiosks, control systems and virtual concierge.